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June 19, 2024

Luminate Film & TV: Juneteenth 2024

Luminate honors Juneteenth this year with a medley of talent, writers, producers, directors, films, and series that portray the multifaceted Black experience through their unique perspectives. The Black Stories selected for this Juneteenth delve into the under-examined past, the complexities of the present, and the potential of the future. Luminate’s arena tags enable users to browse and search for various themes and genres in projects.

Enjoy this collection of projects and explore the additional works of talent behind these entertaining and thoughtful films and series.

Juneteenth 2024: Projects


Juneteenth 2024: Talent

June 4, 2024

Luminate Film & TV: LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2024

Happy Pride Month from Luminate Film & TV! This year’s celebration of queer talent and projects truly encompasses the diverse and multifaceted LGBTQ+ experience. It is also a time to reflect on the challenges faced by those navigating multiple intersecting factors of oppression, including gender, LGBTQ+ identity, ethnicity, ability, and more. The Luminate Film & TV database is committed to accurately representing these intersectional identities in all their complex and nuanced beauty. Below, you will find projects that exemplify the LGBTQ+ lived experience; brought to life by the incredible queer talent behind them.

LGBTQ+ Pride Month: Projects


LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2024: Talent

May 15, 2024

Luminate Film & TV: Jewish American Heritage Month

Luminate Film & TV celebrates the rich diversity of talent and projects this May during Jewish American Heritage Month. Our database utilizes arenas that enable users to explore various themes and genres across projects, from “Women-Centered Stories” to “Faith/Religious” and “Coming-of-Age” stories. With our Cultural/Religious dataset, Luminate Film & TV ensures that the religious background, practice, and cultural identity of talent are respectfully identified in our database.

Jewish American Heritage Month: Projects


Jewish American Heritage Month: Talent

May 1, 2024

Luminate Film & TV: AAPI Heritage Month

In celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Luminate Film & TV proudly honors the rich tapestry of talent and projects within the Asian diaspora. This month's lineup features a vibrant array of talent, each contributing their unique perspectives across a spectrum of genres including captivating animation, riveting reality TV, poignant dramas, and thought-provoking series adapted from literature. Don't miss the opportunity to experience these remarkable projects and talent!

AAPI Heritage Month: Projects


AAPI Heritage Month: Talent

April, 2024

Luminate Film & TV: Autism Acceptance Month

In celebration of Autism Acceptance Month, Luminate Film & TV is thrilled to spotlight talent with autism, and projects that engage in authentic casting and storylines. In recent years, individuals with autism have increased their visibility in the entertainment space, highlighting their voices and experiences. This month, Luminate Film & TV features projects that champion autism-centered narratives and the talent in them.

Autism Acceptance Month: Projects


Autism Acceptance Month: Talent

March 1, 2024

Luminate Film & TV: Women's History Month

Luminate Film & TV celebrates the talent and creativity of women this National Women's History Month. Historically, the presence of women on screen has been relegated to decorative, overtly sexualized objects at the service and indulgent whims of the male gaze. But in this new era of filmmaking, women are changing how their stories are told on screen by taking charge behind the screen – as writers, producers, directors, and more. The projects below feature women of color, queer women, and women of all ages, telling stories as nuanced and complex as they are. Please enjoy our collection and have a Happy National Women's History Month!

Women's History Month: Projects


Women's History Month: Talent

February 1, 2024

Luminate Film & TV: Black History Month

Luminate Film & TV proudly commemorates Black History Month this February, illuminating the incredible talent and cinematic masterpieces that capture the diverse cultural narratives of the Black community in the United States. The cinematic gems below show the depth of Black talent and underscore the power of storytelling's pivotal role in fostering empathy and compassion.

Please enjoy the films and immerse yourself in celebrating 2024 Black History Month!

Black History Month: Projects


Black History Month: Talent

November 20, 2023

Luminate Film & TV: National Indigenous Peoples' Heritage Month

Join us in celebrating Indigenous storytelling this November with Luminate’s recognition of Indigenous Peoples' Heritage Month. Using our comprehensive film & TV intelligence database, we’re shedding light on the richness and diversity of Indigenous identities and projects. Click the links below to immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Indigenous representation on screen and behind the scenes in projects past and present.




October 17, 2023

Luminate Film & TV: Halloween

Trick-or-Treat! In a genre often overlooked, horror has become a trailblazer for diversity, inclusion, and authentic representation. The evolution of horror as a medium for exploring multifaceted female characters, diverse cultural perspectives, and LGBTQ+ experiences is a testament to the genre's ability to push boundaries and challenge societal norms.

This month, Luminate Film & TV spotlights projects and talent that have moved the needle forward. Here's to a bone-chilling October and remember, equity doesn't have to be scary!

HALLOWEEN 2023Horror Isn't Afraid of Diversity: Projects


HALLOWEEN 2023Horror Isn't Afraid of Diversity: Talent

September 19, 2023

Deaf Awareness Month

In honor of Deaf Awareness Month, Luminate Film & TV is spotlighting projects and talent that break down stereotypes and promote authentic representation within the industry.

Including deaf representation in film and TV can have a positive effect on all aspects of filmmaking. The role of sign language, for example, can be a powerful storytelling tool; including sign language on-screen can enhance communication, create unique narratives, and bridge cultural gaps. The lens of film and TV can be used to put greater emphasis on the importance of accessibility; closed captioning, audio indicators, and other accessibility enhancements make content more inclusive for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers, allowing them to engage more fully with storylines and characters.

Luminate Film & TV is extremely sensitive in representing talent who identify as d/Deaf. Many deaf individuals do not see themselves as disabled or as members of the disabled community; conversely, many do not identify as members of the Deaf community or participate in Deaf culture. Lowercase “deaf” is used most commonly when describing the audiological condition of having no functional hearing, or in regards to someone who does not align with the greater Deaf community and culture. Deaf, with a capital "D" refers to someone who participates in the community and embraces its culture.

Luminate Film & TV invites you to explore the projects and limitless talent of filmmakers and creatives from the Luminate Film & TV database during Deaf Awareness Month.

Deaf Awareness Month Projects


Deaf Awareness Month Talent

September 19, 2023

National Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month this September, Luminate Film & TV directs its focus toward showcasing the remarkable talents and projects that vividly portray the rich diversity of multi-cultural Latin/Hispanic experiences.

Luminate's 2023 Entertainment Diversity Progress Report underscores the glaring discrepancy between the burgeoning Latin/Hispanic community in the United States and its underrepresentation across film, TV, and streaming projects. The 2023 Entertainment Diversity Progress Report found that only six films centered on Latin/Hispanic narratives in 2022, representing only 0.9% of all movies released that year. The report also showed that across the board, there was a decrease in Latin/Hispanic representation from 2021 to 2022 with main title roles (8.7% - 7.7%), directors (6.8% - 4.6%), series regulars (14.2% - 12%), and series creators (9% - 7.8%), respectively.

Addressing this vital need for representation, Luminate Film & TV has meticulously gathered data on talents' heritage, languages, and countries of origin. As the industry’s benchmark, we hope our database encourages Hollywood to be more inclusive and intentional about hiring Latin/Hispanic talent.

Luminate Film & TV invites you to explore the talent and projects in this month’s celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month; we also encourage you to utilize the vast Luminate Film & TV database for further discovery.

National Hispanic Heritage Month: Projects


National Hispanic Heritage Month: Talent

July 28, 2023


In honor of World Nature Conservation Day, Luminate Film & TV is celebrating the advocacy of select top talent for their work in raising awareness around the preservation of our natural resources. These talented advocates are using their influence to fight for the ocean, the air, and the soil; along with the future well-being of our planet.

Luminate Film & TV is highlighting recent documentaries that bring attention to conservation efforts. These captivating stories can be found under the "Climate & Sustainability" arena tag, as well as the new "Climate & Sustainability Stories" arena; which specifies narrative projects whose main storyline surrounds topics such as land conservation, climate change, or fighting environmental injustice. These projects spark conversation and get us thinking about how we can help our planet!



WORLD NATURE CONSERVATION DAYNature Conservation Activists

July 20, 2023

Disability Pride Month:

Lights, camera, inclusion! Welcome to Disability Pride Month, a celebratory month commemorating the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990. Luminate Film & TV invites you to join us in recognizing and appreciating the remarkable talents, stories, and perspectives of talent and filmmakers with disabilities.

Luminate Film & TV has created the most comprehensive and detailed database around individuals with disabilities within the entertainment industry. Our highly nuanced metadata captures and celebrates the intersectional aspects of those living and working with disabilities. For example, those who identify as neurodiverse and deaf do not always identify as having a disability, but rather as part of a community. We’ve only included talent who publicly identify as having a disability in this newsletter.

So, grab your popcorn, adjust your lens, and let's embark on a month-long celebration that brings Disability Pride Month to the forefront of the cinematic stage, shedding light on the beauty, resilience, and infinite possibilities within the disability community.

Disability Pride Month: Projects


Disability Pride Month: Talent

June 20, 2023

LGBTQ+ Pride Month:

Luminate recognizes June’s Pride Month, a celebration of love, acceptance, equality and the myriad contributions of the LGBTQ+ community. We acknowledge the historical struggles and ongoing journey towards achieving equal rights and recognition for all.

Authentic LGBTQ+ representation serves as a vehicle for activists, artists and storytellers to amplify their voices and advocate for social change. By challenging harmful stereotypes and misconceptions, they pave the way for greater acceptance and create space for new narratives that reflect the full spectrum of LGBTQ+ lives. True representation calls for diverse and intersectional stories that reflect the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals from different races, ethnicities, abilities, and gender identities. It demands authentic casting, behind-the-camera inclusion, and space for LGBTQ+ stories.

Luminate’s film & TV metadata is second to none in accurately representing the complex identities existing under the rainbow umbrella. Luminate is the source of truth for the industry, exemplified by the 2023 Entertainment Diversity Progress Report. The latest report found that LGBTQ+ representation shrank year-over-year across every metric tracked (download the full report here).This underscores the need for advocacy and insistence on inclusive and authentic representation.

Our goal is to continue sharing insights to fuel conversations for progress.

We wish a happy Pride Month to all who celebrate.

PRIDE MONTHLGBTQ+ Project Spotlight


PRIDE MONTHTop Selected LGBTQ+ Talent

June 19, 2023


This Juneteenth, Luminate is celebrating the contributions of directors, writers, and producers who amplify the stories of Black Americans. These projects focus on themes of hope, injustice, humor, and the enduring spirit of joy in the face of adversity.

The Luminate database features diverse "arena" tags used to highlight themes and subjects beyond genres. These arena tags allow users to comprehensively and accurately search for projects that center the lived experience of different cohorts (for example, our database currently features over 1,000 films tagged Black Stories).

Join us this Juneteenth for thought-provoking narratives that inspire dialogue, ignite laughter and remind us about the power of resilience and community during this monumental federal holiday.

Happy Juneteenth!

JUNETEENTHProject Spotlight


JUNETEENTHTop Selected Trailblazers

May 23, 2023

AAPI Heritage Month Celebration:

In honor of Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Luminate Film & TV has selected talent and projects that spotlight the vibrancy of the Asian diaspora.

The talent and projects featured this month represent only a small fraction of the diversity of the Asian experience and cultures. The contributions of Asian and Pacific Islander talent, both behind and in front of the camera, enrich the tapestry of America’s cultural landscape. Asian voices and narratives are taking center stage, as exemplified by the record-breaking success of Netflix’s Squid Games and the groundbreaking achievement of South Korea’s Parasite becoming the first non-English project to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Adding to this momentum, Everything Everywhere All At Once won the Academy Award winner for Best Picture and India’s RRR won Best Original Song - Motion Picture at the Oscars and was a 2023 Golden Globes nominee for Best Motion Picture. These successes, and the project and talent highlighted here, remind Hollywood that the Asian experience and culture is not a monolith.

The Luminate Film & TV database offers a comprehensive selection of the top 100 projects for film, TV, and digital content originating from South Korea, Japan, and India. Our coverage spans from 2015 to the present, and as of last year, we have expanded our scope to include forward-looking data, providing information on projects at various stages of production.

The film industry in India, commonly referred to as Bollywood, is centered in Mumbai. Luminate Film & TV recognizes and acknowledges the significance of diverse regional cinema industries within India. We have introduced different arena tags for specific regional film industries, such as Kollywood for Tamil cinema, Pollywood for Punjabi cinema, Tollywood for Bengali and Telugu cinema, and Mollywood for Malayalam and Marathi cinema. These tags allow us to highlight and honor the unique contributions of each regional industry and provide comprehensive coverage to our users. These stories matter, and Luminate Film & TV is thrilled to share them this month as clients continue to explore throughout the year!




May 18, 2023

Jewish American Heritage Celebration:

In celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month in May, Luminate Film & TV is shining a spotlight on Jewish American talent and the stories that celebrate, explore and embody Jewish heritage. To achieve this, Luminate Film & TV has developed a Cultural/Religious Identity dataset that takes into account a person's Religious Background, identifying which religion they were born into or raised in (important note: this may no longer reflect their current cultural or religious affiliation/practice); their Religious Practice, which is the religion they currently practice; and their Religious Cultural Identity, which describes how they identify as part of a religious or cultural group, even if they choose not to participate in certain or all aspects of the formal religious practice. Our identity and heritage are not just about our ethnic background but also highlight our generational religious practices and cultural religious origins, which are often linked to a specific land or geographical region. The Jewish American community is just as diverse and unique as any other community, and Luminate Film & TV is thrilled to showcase the selected talent and projects that bring heart, laughter, tears, understanding, and joy to the screen.




May 4, 2023


In celebration of Earth Month, Luminate Film & TV is shining a light on the many different creatives, projects and companies in entertainment that use their platform to bring awareness to climate change and sustainability.

This week we’ve selected a handful of projects and distributors that are working to make a difference in the entertainment industry. Many studios have recognized the impact the film industry has on the planet - a single hour of television can produce 13 metric tons of carbon dioxide, the amount a single person can generate in a year - and have committed to making changes behind the camera and through the content they produce.

Through new initiatives and certifications, these select distributors below are working to make the industry more sustainable. They’re not just trying to make an impact behind the camera - many are creating content that makes us think about and care for the world we live in. From recognizing the beauty of the oceans in Avatar: The Way of the Water to dealing with climate change in real time in Extrapolations, each will leave you with a message of the importance of preserving the natural world for generations to come.





April 18, 2023

April is National Autism Awareness Month, and Luminate Film & TV is taking this opportunity to showcase a selection of series that not only provide an empowered representation of the autism spectrum and neurodivergent experience but also highlight the incredible talents of six trailblazing artists who live with autism and or a neurodivergence.

These series were created with a clear intention to uplift the stories and lived experiences of people with autism, and the casting choices were made with careful consideration to ensure that individuals with autism were given the opportunity to showcase their talents in a safe environment. True diversity is not just about placing individuals in roles as a mere box-ticking exercise. It's about creating an environment of equitable inclusion, where everyone's unique story is expressed and presented within the vast scope of their lives.

Luminate Film & TV invites you to discover and explore the groundbreaking talents featured in these series, as they pave the way for authentic casting and inspire young kids with autism to dream big and make it to the big screen.

National Autism Awareness Trailblazers

April 13, 2023

In celebration of April being Earth Month, Luminate Film & TV is shining a light on the many different creatives, projects and companies in entertainment that use their platform to bring awareness to climate change and sustainability.

This week, we've selected these top talents who you may not know have utilized their platform to advocate for climate change awareness by using social media, engaging in specific business ventures, making sustainable lifestyle choices, and working with advocacy organizations. Many of them have dedicated their careers to climate activism and have a significant influence not only in the entertainment industry but also in policymaking, inciting change in real-time.

Whether it's supporting anti-fracking measures, protesting on Capitol Hill, or persuading major designers to produce only vegan fashion, they make sure their voices -- and those whom they represent -- are heard. As a reminder, subscribers both active and inactive will continue to have free access to our Data Celebration Awareness Month alerts until April 22, 2023!

EARTH MONTH DATA CELEBRATIONTop Selected Environmental Champions

April 12, 2023


In recognition of March’s National Disability Awareness Month, Luminate Film & TV aims to draw attention to the important and vital contributions made by artists with disabilities in our database. For far too long, both in front of and behind the camera, authentic representation for those with lived disability experience has been largely unseen. The individuals featured this week include 12 top creative innovators who navigate the world through paralysis, limb loss, spinal cord injuries, mobility issues, arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, dwarfism, cerebral palsy, spinal muscular atrophy, and Down syndrome. Their work has transcended stigma and stereotypes to uplift and expand the diversity of voices telling stories today. It is our hope that the Luminate Film & TV database can be a positive tool for bringing about a more equitable and inclusive entertainment industry. We encourage you to explore our database and discover artists with disabilities who are enhancing the collective narrative—project by project—to create a more accessible and inclusive space for all. In the upcoming months, we look forward to celebrating the contributions of many more individuals from our database, as we celebrate Deaf Awareness Month, as well as Autism and Neurodiversity Awareness Months, among others.

DATA CELEBRATIONNational Disability Month

Mar 24, 2023

Women’s History Month Data Celebration: Noteworthy Women Creatives

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Luminate Film & TV is taking the opportunity to highlight the incredible accomplishments and stories from female creatives throughout March, which builds upon the ways in which we already celebrate these artists throughout the year. This week, we acknowledge twelve diverse artists who use their words, share their perspectives, compose stories through musical notes, fill our bellies with laughter and use their voices to transport us into worlds unknown. Explore our database for even more unique and talented women directors, actors, writers, editors, cinematographers and many more!

DATA CELEBRATIONWomen's History Month

Mar 3, 2023

Black History Month Data Celebration: Noteworthy Black Stories and Directors

For our last Black History Month Data Celebration, we’re highlighting the richness and breadth of Black Stories – and specifically the power of visual storytelling as told through the eyes of these Top Ten Directors. The stories they've brought to screen are poetic, groundbreaking. They include an uplifting animated series, thrillers led by Black actors, historical symphonies of the Black experience, the trials of a sports player forced to use his fame to stand in the margins for civil rights, the courage of trans women who unapologetically reveal the hidden complexities of society, and a teenage girl super genius who reverse engineers Iron Man's suit. We invite you to explore or re-explore the creative worlds of these Black Stories and noteworthy directors.

Noteworthy Black Stories

Top 10 Black Directors

Feb 2, 2023


Join us for a Black History Month Data Celebration, which will highlight the creative achievements of Black creatives in front of and behind the screen. While the expansive contributions of the Black community could not possibly be captured within the span of a few weeks, we hope to shed a light on these incredible artistic feats of Black talent across all disciplines that continue to enrich the entertainment industry with their voices, their stories, and their multifaceted cultural influence.

In this week’s Celebration, we recognize advocacy and activism. These two practices are carried out in a myriad of ways, and the contributions to Climate Change and Sustainability are no exception with these Top Ten Black Sustainability Advocates. Through their commendable efforts, these dynamic talents have utilized their platforms, money, and stardom to not only encourage others to participate in Sustainability advocacy but are going the distance themselves.

Top Black Sustainability Advocates