2021 Entertainment Diversity Progress Report

An Analysis of On Screen Talent Diversity from Pre Pandemic to the Present

Luminate Film & TV today released the 2021 Luminate Film & TV Entertainment Diversity Progress Report, its first comprehensive analysis of on-screen representation powered by the company’s Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) dataset.

JEDI data covers 1.5 million people, and includes ethnicity, country of origin, gender, LGBTQ+ and age. It is the only DEI dataset to identify ethnicities in multiethnic individuals, country of heritage, languages spoken and personal pronouns, among other attributes. The investment made by Luminate Film & TV in the JEDI space is driven by the company’s commitment to supporting a more equitable entertainment and media industry through respectful, accurate and unbiased demographic data. Luminate Film & TV customers, including the leading streamers, networks, studios and agencies, are using JEDI data to advance representation, drive diverse hiring, meet inclusion content requirements, and evaluate their progress both internally and against peers.

“Justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion are core to our values at Luminate Film & TV and why we set out to underscore the importance of accurate and respectfully sourced demographic data in achieving overdue change,” said Mark Hoebich, President, Luminate Film & TV. “Authentic and compelling stories that inspire and engage all audiences are driven by diverse and inclusive storytellers, and we hope JEDI helps Hollywood to continue to hold itself accountable in reflecting the world around us.”

This study is unique in the granularity of its highly accurate and respectfully sourced demographic data, and compares how casting and representation of underrepresented communities on screen changed between the pre-pandemic period and Covid-19 pandemic. While there is tremendous work that still needs to be done in entertainment and media, Luminate Film & TV’s comprehensive study of scripted, live action projects identifies trends and highlights some key shows and films where advancement in representation is notable.

Specific analysis of on screen representation focuses on the following communities:

  • Gender: Female, Male, Nonbinary (Nonbinary is inclusive of gender nonconforming, two-spirit, genderfluid, genderqueer, agender, androgynous, questioning, and gender expansive)
  • LGBTQ+
  • Black
  • Asian
  • Hispanic
  • Indigenous
  • Middle Eastern North African

About Luminate Film & TV

Luminate Film & TV is the leading entertainment data provider powering streamers, networks, studios and agencies with its best-in-class business solutions and metadata. It's flagship service, Luminate Film & TV, is the foremost entertainment data solution that provides verified, timely, and accurate metadata around people, projects, and companies that work in the global entertainment business. Within the DEI space, Luminate Film & TV tracks over 1.5 million people along with their respectfully sourced and publicly available demographic data.